Upcoming Members Meeting on 16th September 2020

If you are a HCTA member please come along to our next meeting on the 16th September at the Portsmouth Marroit. Please reserve the date and come along for updates, networking and presentatiosn by speakers Katrina Martine and Joley Sockett. Meeting Agenda Tea & Coffee from 09.40am 1. Welcome & Introductions – Julia Coak (HCTA […]

Minutes of March meeting

1. Welcome and Apologies Julia welcomed all in attendance and asked everyone to introduce themselves to give Carolyn an idea of who was who! Attendees were:- Committee: Julia Coak of Lynx Construction,: Kelly Marsh of Brymor Construction; Estell Guest (treasurer); Eileen Bird and Carolyn Hinton; Steve Hale of Parchow Groundworks; Jason Woodward of P T […]

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is being held on Wednesday 11th March 2020 at Double Tree Hilton hotel as per the Invitation sent to our members. As well as the AGM business part of the morning, we will have an update on CITB grants and funding from Liz Steel and a speaker from NOCN Job Cards (CPCS). A.G.M […]

CPCS Card Colours

Please be aware that new CPCS cards are fully Red or Blue rather than just having a mottled strip on them and are genuine. This can be verified using smart phones and tablets which can read the chip in the card – if sites have access to them! The latest news on CPCS is that […]

Wednesday 11th December 2019

1. Welcome & Apologies – Julia Coak (JC) Julia Coak, Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and confirmed the house keeping rules. Apologies had been received from Laurence Stone, Darren Lawrence and Hazel Thompson from CITB; Kelly Marsh & Sammie Price of Brymor Construction; Andy Campbell of Kier Highways; Steve Hale of Parchow Groundworks; Clare […]

CPCS Update

At the end of last year I wrote a bit about the problems that some people were facing regarding renewal of CPCS cards because of the two web sites that now need to be used to book tests and pay- Pearson Vue for Health, Safety & Environmental and NOCN Job Cards for the plant specific […]

Wednesday 11th September 2019

1: Welcome & Apologies – Julia Coak (JC) Julia welcomed all to the meeting, especially those from JCM Groundworks, our newest member company and Darren Lawrence the CDA for Enterprise M3 LEP area, and reminded individuals of housekeeping etc.  Apologies had been received from a number of individuals, including committee members from Wendage Pollution Control; […]

Qualifications Explained!

The world of academic qualification is ever changing, but, as things stand in September 2019, the levels (and further divisions) within England are outlined below. The level indicates the difficulty of the subject matter, with a higher number indicating a higher level of difficulty. In England the levels range between an entry level a doctorate […]

December 2019

Our next meeting will be held at Portsmouth Marriott on Wednesday 11th December – please reserve the date and come along to share your company achievements and recent innovation and developments.

September Meeting Speaker Contacts

We were given 3 very informative presentations covering potential future workers from the following people. Kathryn Osborne from CTP Future Horizons who support early service leavers. Kathryn herself looks after all under 18s nationally, with those older early leavers (normally still under 25s) looked after regionally. Kathryn is available at kosborne@ctp.org.uk and on 07794 656914 […]