Qualifications Explained!

The world of academic qualification is ever changing, but, as things stand in September 2019, the levels (and further divisions) within England are outlined below. The level indicates the difficulty of the subject matter, with a higher number indicating a higher level of difficulty. In England the levels range between an entry level a doctorate […]

December 2019

Our next meeting will be held at Portsmouth Marriott on Wednesday 11th December – please reserve the date and come along to share your company achievements and recent innovation and developments.

September Meeting Speaker Contacts

We were given 3 very informative presentations covering potential future workers from the following people. Kathryn Osborne from CTP Future Horizons who support early service leavers. Kathryn herself looks after all under 18s nationally, with those older early leavers (normally still under 25s) looked after regionally. Kathryn is available at kosborne@ctp.org.uk and on 07794 656914 […]

Latest HMRC guidance for businesses includes updates on CIS and VAT reverse charge.

HMRC publishes the employer bulletin 6 times a year, giving employers and agents the latest information on topics and issues that may affect them.
See link below for details of the latest edition which includes information aimed at Construction Industry.
HMRC publishes the employer bulletin 6 times a year, giving employers and agents the latest information on topics and issues that may affect them.

Update -VAT domestic reverse charge for Building and Construction delayed

A new scheme for collection of VAT charged by sub-contractors that was due to take effect on 1st October 2019 has now been delayed for 12 months. Previous post as below:- The construction press are suggesting it could cause a cash-flow crisis at the very worst time for smaller construction business just before the UK […]

Wednesday 12th June 2019

1: Welcome EB and JC welcomed everyone to Double Tree Hilton Hotel and explained that today’s event was very much focused around “careers”. Attendees Committee Julia Coak, Chair (Lynx Forecourts) Eileen Bird, Training Officer Estell Guest, Treasurer Paul Barton, L A Kattenhorn & Ptnrs Steve Hale, Parchow Groundworks Kelly Marsh, Brymor Steve Hale, Parchow. Lena […]

CITB Grant Scheme

The 17th August deadline for claiming short duration grants for 2018/19 is fast approaching, so do get your claims in. This is for all courses which are attended or done through e-learning for which there is already a standard, or where one is in development and there is still the option to use training providers […]

Wednesday 13th March 2019

1: Welcome & Apologies – Julia Coak (JC) JC welcomed everyone in attending. Apologies had been received from Blanchard Wells; CLC Group & K & K Décor. Other Individual apologies had also been received where the company was still represented. Attendees list – HCTA committee & members Julia Coak, Chair (Lynx Forecourts)Eileen Bird, Training OfficerEstell Guest, […]

Government review of Industry Training Boards

The Governments review of Industry Training Boards has been released. For those of you wanting to read the full document, see below. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/657350/Building_Support-the_review_of_the_Industry_Training-Boards.pdf

Who is responsible for Health & Safety?

Health and Safety is something we are all responsible for at certain levels, but who exactly and at what kevel? Come to our September meeting to find out more!