HCTA Meeting Notes – Wednesday 16th September 2020 at 10.00am

  1. Julia Coak, HCTA Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and confirmed the house keeping rules.

HCTA Funding: reduction to 60% in Q1 now increased to 80% for remainder of financial year What will happen after this? Potentially could remain same!

Grant Eligible Training APPROVED – £25k – subsidised training will be available as last year with additional group funding provided – new system will be used and details will follow.

Lego Bid was successful! First instalment received and kit now purchased – remainder to be paid when training and events start to progress. Carolyn is working to progress with Stephen Shaw although some difficulty with the current pandemic situation and social distancing restrictions. However, the following schools have been identified and once dates are confirmed HCTA members are welcome to support:

               Boomtown Build (Primary)

City Shaper (Secondary)

From the short survey members took part in regarding training, unsurprisingly 75% Plant 50% Civil Engineering requirements and 84% would attend HCTA training. 75% of members would want to take part in MHFA Mental Health First Aid and Carolyn will be organising some training for the group from the CITB GET fund.

Katrine Martine – Humanistic Concillor/Psychotherapist

The presentation showed how Mental Health impacts us not only as individuals but those around us and what we could do to help ourselves and our employees. Reducing site safety risks and supporting Mental Health in the industry. Kat emphasised that by raising awareness of self-care we can have more of an understanding regarding those who may be struggling and how to have support available. Presentation will be on the HCTA website with details of services that may be helpful.

The following was presented via ZOOM meeting as unable to attend due to CITB social distancing directive. Bad connection and sound quality so questions invited to be sent via Carolyn after the meeting.

Business benefits of EDI session – going over the reasons why we need EDI as part of business strategy and developed into companies, relating particularly to construction. The session also covered how companies can go about encompassing EDI as part of their business and pointers towards the first steps on their EDI journey. Joley directed members to future learning material that may be helpful and is free of charge to access:

             CPD Accredited

Following date for the final event of 2020:

9th December 2020 – venue TBC

        None to record

All presentations will be available on website

Meeting closed at 13.00pm.