Apologies – Maggie Steffaniak

• Dates for next meeting and venue. All agreed to stay at CETC for this coming year given financial implications of using an outside venue. June 21st is reserved.

• It was agreed that invoices for the membership subscription should be sent to all HCTA members in April. It will stay at £100 as agreed by all at the AGM. CH

• IConstruct: Jason spoke about his management of this so far and requested a slot at the September meeting to give a final update for those members that may not have been involved – but also to request any last minute support that may be needed in those final weeks. IConstruct committee will be meeting on a regular basis over the coming months till the date of the event. JW

• Discussion around HCTA theme for this year and all agreed that to support Green Build and Infrastructure would be positive. Julia has a contact at Sunbelt – green plant/social values/environmental management/flood defences/renewable energy etc that she will send details of to Carolyn to invite to the next meeting. JC/CH

• After discussion around current payment to GTO all agreed on an increase to £25 per hour. Travel was also discussed, and the committee have agreed to pay mileage as per HMRC guidelines. These changes signify an increase in general terms RPI/Cost of living. The GTO is contracted on a self employed basis, working from home and reflects what other national TG’s currently pay.

• Date for next meeting will be at CTEC on June 21st. ALL