1: Welcome

EB and JC welcomed everyone to Double Tree Hilton Hotel and explained that today’s event was very much focused around “careers”.



Julia Coak, Chair (Lynx Forecourts) Eileen Bird, Training Officer

Estell Guest, Treasurer

Paul Barton, L A Kattenhorn & Ptnrs

Steve Hale, Parchow Groundworks Kelly Marsh, Brymor

Steve Hale, Parchow.

Lena Coffin, Cousins/Campbell Smith – Note Taker


Emily Horton, Aeropark Developments

Paul Broderick, Blaze Construction Maggie Stefaniak, bmJV

Chelcey Douglas & Tony Bodycombe, CDS Group

Esther Hardie, Carlton Civil Engineering

Lori Noble and Tony Jack, Hughes & Salvidge

Andy Campbell, Kier Highw

Kerry Barrington, Parson Ash

Jason Woodward and Nikki Trant, P T C

Janet Hutchinson, R & W Civil Engineering

Michelle Hartley, R W Armstrong

Vicky Lucas, Reside Construction Nicola Bunyan, Trant Engineering

Matthew Alexander, Welbro Project Mgmt


Liz Steel and Laurence Stone, CITB Dave Richardson, CETC

Darryl Griffiths, CITB

Leon Course and Sara Warry, Solent Apprenticeship Hub

Apologies had been received from Mandy Phelps (Hexley); Sharron Hampson (PMC); Shelley Baxter (R Collard) and Jacqueline Mansfield, Wendage Pollution Control.

2. HCTA Update

Last Meeting Update

3. Dave Richardson – Speaker CETC

Presented to the group the training opportunities available from CETC who work in partnership with Fareham College. Copy slides are available from Eileen.

The new building which is expected to open in September will be offering courses as higher levels and beyond Civil Engineering.

4. CITB Update – Liz Steel

  1. Grants & Funding workshops had been held throughout April and had proven a success. Further events were being planned for October.
  2. New advisor has been recruited for North Hampshire and Surrey. Darren Lawrence starts Monday 17th June 2019. Action: EB – Invite to next meeting to be offered.
  3. ATO event was in Sussex recently which was attended by 20 training providers. Further events coming later in the year.
  4. CITB Careers Conference – invite for all on 17th July 2019 at Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Southampton (today’s venue).
  5. Laurence Stone local manager for the area promoted a further event for 18th July 219 at Ageas Bowl for employers and training providers to work together and look at the gap on training provisions. All welcome to attend.
  6. CITB Business Plan 2020 – plan updated which included the situation on CSCS, career focused events, qualifications and standards, training and development and the Big 6. Link https://www.citb.co.uk/about-citb/news-events-and-blogs/uk/2019/05/citb-sets-out-solutions-to-big-six-skills-challenges-for-the-construction-industry/

5. Leon Course – Speaker – Solent Apprenticeship Hub

Plans were revealed for the work the hub were undertaking. Copy of slides are available from Eileen.

6. Darryl Griffiths – Speaker – CITB Apprenticeship Officer

Update was provided on the national apprenticeship standards. Action: EB to issue the complete list.

7. Round Table Discussions

Round table discussion on HCTA involvement with Career and Apprenticeship work/promotion. Individual groups fed back and collated. Members felt HCTA should make a bid. Action: EB to analyse comments and the Committee to discuss and confirm two projects to bid for funding on. Update to follow at the next meeting.

8. A.O.B

No items were raised.

9. Next Meeting Dates

11th September 2019 – Basingstoke, Holiday Inn

11th December 2019 – Portsmouth, Marriott.

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