HCTA is able to claim up to £25,000 of grant from CITB to provide free and subsidised training to its members provided certain conditions are met.

We have chosen over the last few years to offer a few free courses and then to spread the rest of the fund between all of our members at the start of each year in a specified sum for subsidising training chosen by the member themselves based on their company need.

HCTA is now VAT registered which means that the money we receive will go further when supporting training.

Now, when we offer to cover 50% of your chosen training course (up to the designated maximum) we will be taking the nett sum rather than the gross so the balance of your designated subsidy should last a bit longer.

The thing to remember now is that we have brought in a requirement for members to send quarterly information on any contribution the company has made towards the targets set for HCTA by CITB.

Failure to supply that information will freeze access to the company subsidy for the next three months.

All sums remaining at the end of Q3 will be made available to other members who have provided regular target information, including allowing more than the 50% support!

Call Eileen on the usual number for further information.

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