The 17th August deadline for claiming short duration grants for 2018/19 is fast approaching, so do get your claims in. This is for all courses which are attended or done through e-learning for which there is already a standard, or where one is in development and there is still the option to use training providers who have not completed the full ATO process.

CITB Grants are available in three main sections:-

Apprenticeships, which should be notified to CITB within the first 20 weeks (as soon as possible after start so that all paperwork can be completed)

Qualifications, which are sub-split into Long-period, which covers degrees, HNCs, HNDs etc, which again should be notified within 20 weeks of the start. Short-period such as NVQ’s; NEBOSH etc and are claimed within 20 weeks of achievement and, finally, placements for those on degrees who take up an employed role as part of their degree achievement. This must be planned and notified asap.

Short Duration Achievements which should be claimed within 20 weeks, but currently there is flexibility on this, but only until 17th August! This covers courses of 3 hours to about 5 days and this is where there are 3 tiers of payment dependent on the type of course.

Members of HCTA with any doubts about what they can claim should contact Eileen via the usual routes or visit

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