1: Welcome & Apologies – Julia Coak (JC)
Julia welcomed all to the meeting, especially those from JCM Groundworks, our newest member company and Darren Lawrence the CDA for Enterprise M3 LEP area, and reminded individuals of housekeeping etc. 
Apologies had been received from a number of individuals, including committee members from Wendage Pollution Control; Parchow Groundworks; P T Contractors; Brymor Construction; L A Kattenhorn & Ptnrs and other members from Aeropark Developments; Blanchard Wells; CDS Group; Carlton Civil Engineering; Hughes & Salvidge; Knights Brown; Reside
Construction; R W Armstrong & Welbro Project Management.

Attendees list – HCTA committee & members

Speakers & CITB

2: Speaker Presentation commenced:-

A presentation was delivered on supporting early service leavers from the Armed Forces.  Any companies within the group with individual vacancies to contact Kathryn directly.

kosborne@ctp.org.uk or via 07794 656914

A presentation was delivered from the charity on Construction Training provided to military service leavers and veterans.


A presentation was delivered which highlighted the work being undertaken by Hampshire County Council, providing a pathway into construction for 18+ year olds. There is a chance to meet those on the current course on 4th October – details sent separately to companies in N Hampshire.
csfe@hants.gov.uk or Carolyn.Jay@hants.gov.uk or 07742 401193

Please note, a new Highways specific course is due to start in Southampton in early October. For more information on that, contact Gemma Conway Email: Gemma.Conway2@hants.gov.uk

Copy of all presentation slides are available on request from Eileen

3: CITB Update – Darren Lawrence

Darren introduced himself and explained his experience with CITB which includes time in a similar post in Dorset. He gave an update on the latest news and events from the CITB.

Future events are as follows:

4: HCTA Update – Eileen Bird Matters arising from the previous minutes: EB confirmed that subscription rates would remain at £75.00  + VAT per annum per company.

EB provided an update on the two main funding areas that training groups can bid for, which, as explained previously is now only in respect of career activity work.

  1. Influencing the Influencers – targeting career advisors, parents and ambassador training to promote working in construction.
  2. Students aged between 9 – 13 years.  One of the committee have an idea for an event for which we may bid for funding early next year. Jason will give an overview at the December meeting.

HCTA Update – Eileen Bird General
1. Construction Ambassador Training is booked for Thursday 26th September 2019 in Southampton with a date for the Surrey area to be confirmed. 2. CITB Apprenticeship Officers for the North of the county had been unable to attend; Sue Hopkinson, Basingstoke and Eastleigh areas, and Felix Watkinson, Farnborough and Aldershot areas.        
Anyone knowing of a vacancy within a roofing company in the Reading area should contact Felix.  
3. CSCS Level 3 Work Occupational Supervision cards.  Full list of accreditation areas and categories is available on the CITB website.  
4. The speaker planned to cover the requirements for foreign nationals from January 2021 has advised that since the changes within the cabinet, all existing plans are open for re-discussion. Eileen will arrange for her to attend in December if all is then settled.

5. CILM Course – Academic qualification for White CSCS card.  With industry accreditation being removed for Supervisors and Managers (who do not hold a NVQ or academic qualification) a Construction specific ILM qualification has been arranged for HCTA members in Southampton.  The minimum requirement of 6 attendees has now been reached, but more would assist with covering costs. The course will run over 6 days, approx. every 2 weeks between 9th October 2019 – 15th December 2019.  £950.00 for the course with a £600.00 grant available.   Anyone who has relevant individuals to attend should contact EB asap. Note: This course will run and there are still spaces available 
6. ILM Level 5 Certificate Eileen had been asked about a higher level qualification. This is available and being run in London and Manchester, but as it is not Construction specific, it is not CITB grant aided but European funding may be available.  Andrea to send information to EB on options for funding.  
7. E-Learning – Courses still available via HCTA discounted rates from Praxis42 and Helmsman for UKATA.  Please contact EB to use up these credits.  
8. Website EB provided a demonstration of the Training Groups website and the members area which includes member contact directory.  Any missing logos from individual companies to be sent to EB in jpg format.  


Other Information

5. Any Other Business

6. Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 11th December 2019 at Portsmouth Marriott.

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